Data Centres & Telecommunications, optimised power & cooling...need ultra-reliable? 


Analyst Enterprise is the only software globally with advanced SLRD capability and now also with Complex System Weak Link Detection & Replay.

Perform simulations of complex electrical/mechanical systems in a simple single-line reliability diagram (SLRD) without the need for inaccurate and complex Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs).  Having built that complex system, Analyst Enterprise can now tell you where the weak links are in your system, and you can select and replay the weak link and carefully study it!

The schematic below is an SLRD - a single line reliability diagram that is a full analog and statistical Monte Carlo model capable of performing a full reliability analysis...



New Product Release
Next generation Analyst Enterprise software - simple reliability analysis of complex electrical and HVAC systems in a single schematic. Up to 10 times faster, HVAC, thermal simulation, CMMS, AutoCad, Virtual Asset Management, carbon footprint...
We offer solutions and perspectives into your most difficult mission critical reliability concerns using our own Analyst Enterprise software.