Mission Critical Power & HVAC

Build precision, cost-effective data centers...Right-size Telco battery Systems

Reliability analysis for electrical systems and HVAC from a one-line diagram - no need for difficult RBDs. 

New components include DRUPS, DC Flywheel, static bypass switch, static transfer switch...

The release of Powertechnic’s Analyst Enterprise reliability software for electrical and mechanical systems brings new capabilities to reliability design & asset management engineers. Perform simulations of complex electrical/mechanical systems in a simple one-line schematic without the need for inaccurate and complex Reliability Block Diagrams (RBDs).

Electrical systems do not operate in a void - new HVAC components model seamlessly alongside electrical systems.  Also included is approximate thermal modelling of equipment room temperature rise times.

LARGE COMPLEX FACILITIES - Analyst Enterprise incorporates a new Facility Health Index tracking changes in operating site conditions.

Database support enabling connectivity to computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS). The software can be used for Virtual Asset Management. New efficiency properties can model carbon footprint of components.

New Product Release
Next generation Analyst Enterprise software - simple reliability analysis of complex electrical and HVAC systems in a single schematic. Up to 10 times faster, HVAC, thermal simulation, CMMS, AutoCad, Virtual Asset Management, carbon footprint...
We offer solutions and perspectives into your most difficult mission critical reliability concerns using our own Analyst Enterprise software.

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